The Color Star Diet will teach you all the secrets to fat burning, body sculpting, and health improvement.

The Color Star Diet is an easy, practical method that will teach you how to eat through colors, help you choose the foods you like, and design your own menus.

You will learn how to eat in social gatherings and restaurants while getting thinner and enjoying life.

Thanks to food combinations, you will burn fat faster and tone your muscles, looking young and keeping a body slim forever.

The Color Star Diet offers you the Health Balance, an easy learning method that will help you control your appetite and get rid of cravings, increase your energy and concentration levels, as well as normalize your cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure levels. Better yet, it will help you get rid of 8 to 11 pounds of fat per month, without gaining them back.

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I started to combine foods by color according to the book The Color Star Diet. I lost 88 pounds the first year and 44 the second. Every New Year’s Eve, I volunteer to organize a children’s singing festival. This year, when the kids saw me they asked, “Where’s Iván?” They didn’t recognize me! When I went to see my doctor he asked if I had had surgery. I’m delighted to have accomplished this by learning to eat.

Ivan Martínez

Your personalized diet includes:


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Personalized diet:

By buying the book, you get access to a personalized diet, designed specially for you according to your height, weight, and physical activity. You will also become a member of the Color Star Club, where you will have access to recipes, articles, and forums where you can share experiences with thousands of people like you.

Neurolinguistic Programming and Coaching:

Reaching our goals requires an unconscious mental programming to help visualize what we desire.

Past failures are due to self-destructing conducts.

You get what you do not what by thinking about it. Rather, change negative thoughts for positive affirmations and you will attract what you wish so.

Through Neurolinguistic Programming techniques, you will gain the most effective tools for losing weight and change your body forever.

You will be your own coach and design your life project, living a happy, balanced, and full life.

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Liposculpting through Food

You will also identify your dominant gland –the one that makes you accumulate fat in certain body areas– as well as how to counter it to shape your figure.

If you store fat in your legs and hips, your need to eat certain foods, while if you store it in the abdomen you need different menus.

Discover your body type and eliminate fat in specific zones through a healthy and natural diet.


After years of looking for the most appropriate diet for me, and with no results, I bought your book The Color Star Diet a few months ago asking myself… will this work?

I am now happy to follow the recommendations you give. I’ve lost a size in a month and a half. I eat deliciously and without worrying about taking a menu with me wherever I go, be it a restaurant or a friend’s house. I spent lots of money on diets, limiting my spending on other things. I now thank God for having met a person so honest and professional in her field of work.

Adriana Rodriguez P-

By reading the book, you will find out why extreme diets do not work, and only make you regain the lost weight. You will discover the myths behind light foods and why they have caused a 38% increase in obesity rates throughout the world.

You will learn the secrets behind accelerating your metabolism, burning excess fat, and becoming a thin person for ever. All this accomplished through a natural diet, free of pills, medicines, rigid menus, and exhausting exercise routines.

FOR ONLY $29.95

Paty Rivera
A professional nutriologist for over 27 years, Paty has devoted herself to the study of obesity and health.

She designed an easy and practical method based on the Glycemic Index of foods to help control blood sugar levels, allowing a hunger-less weight loss process and an easy way to regain health.

Thousands of people have lost weight with her method. Paty and her team see over 22,000 patients a year in private offices and in different companies like CEMEX, DeAcero, Alfa, 7 Eleven, and General Electric.

She was recently named Endeavor Entrepreneur and was included in the annual list of entrepreneurs by the Mexican Expansión magazine.

A recognized lecturer in national and international arenas, she is the author of “The Color Star Diet” and “Eating Well: The Best Medicine”, which together have had 19 reprints and sold over 65,000 books.